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Violette Hanson

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1Violette Hanson Empty Violette Hanson on Wed 25 Jul - 8:54

Violette Hanson


Name: Violette Hanson
Nicknames: Vie
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 13 August, 1991
Occupation: part time college student. bartender. stripper.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Criminal Record: 2 counts of driving under the influence, 2 counts of indecent exposure and 3 counts reckless endangerment.
Health: constantly has the chills.


Build: average height and weight, standing at 5ft 6in and weighing 147lbs.
Hair: chocolate brown. slight wave. often dyed (green, red, blue, or purple) and cut in a half mohawk style.
Eyes: rounded almond shape. mildly sunken. light brown with hazel and gold flecking. wears colored contacts (purple)
Facial Structure: rounded heart shape. mid-volume lips. small, slightly pointed button nose. medium thick eyebrows with moderate to little arching. little ear detaching.
Piercings/Tattoos/Scars: 3 small hoops in upper ear cartilage, 3 small balls in lower
ear cartilage. 1 ball and 2 hoops above right eye (in eyebrow.) japanese cherry
blossom along left ribs curving around to the back and up toward the left shoulder blade (blossoms
falling off here and there.) a hummingbird on the left shoulder blade.
Clothing: loose fiting t-shirts, skinny jeans, belt, sneakers (convers or vans.)
Hygiene: daily, sometimes every other day.


Intelligence: better at history and art. sucks at english, science and math.
Languages: english. drunken slur
Communication Skills/Etiquette: direct. confident. little tolerance for etiquette nonsense.
Self-control: fairly composed. subject to outbursts.
Flirting style/Relationship Skills: direct or subtle depending on circumstances. is not used to companionship, operates in a 'kill or be killed' mentality.
Optimist or Pessimist/Introvert or extrovert: hopes for the best in the worst. introvert.
Self-Confidence: good days and bad days.
Dominant/Submissive/Patience level: highly patient. very dominant. sexually submissive.
Sense of humor: dry. crude. corny.
Vulnerabilities: will do anything for a high.
Biggest Fear: never being more than a druggie and stripper.
Greatest regret: not living up to sisters expectations.
Greatest accomplishment: continuing education.
Darkest secret: blames self for parents death.


Family: Charles and Dahlia Hanson (parents; deceased) Lillian Hanson (sister; deceased)
History: Violette started her drug habit at the age of 17 shortly after her 22 year old sisters suicide and being raped 3.5 months later. She uses drugs as a way to 'forget' what happened in her down time (ie: when she's not in class, working, or sleeping.) At her sisters funeral she promised herself that she would never hurt her family by commiting suicide herself. Vie, to drunk and high to drive home from a party, is picked up by her father. They're hit by a semi on the highway, her father killed on impact. Vie survived with a broken leg and 2 cracked ribs. Her mother commited suicide less than a month after her fathers death. Violette was left alone with no family and 250,000$ at 19. The money was quickly spent on booze, drugs, and the occasional college course. She managed to get a job working part time as a bartender and works the corners to sustain her lifestyle.

Turner did not kill turnee because there were no drugs in bloodstream. Turner bit own lip when feeding on earlier victim, when feeding on turnee. turners blood in turnees blood stream. turnee dies of blood loss. turnee turned.
Drug addicted vampires will kill drug addicts to recieve a 'second hand high' because they themselves cannot shoot up or snort (unless within an hour of feeding, but this method has less of an effect.) Becomes healthier due to a steady diet.

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2Violette Hanson Empty Re: Violette Hanson on Sat 28 Jul - 18:50

A corny sense of humor? Haha, I love it. I can picture Vi just laughing hysterically at some sort of ridiculously unfunny pun.

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