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Year 1, December 19 - Scarf Breath

Stan took to Tompkins Square in search of a pay phone with only a few quarters and a few small baggies of dope. He wound up on 6th street where he met Violette, a crack whore.
Stanley approached the closest woman..."You new around here, little lady?"

Stan then tried to establish a dominance over the small prostitute, an advance which she rejected with a small suggestion of her own.
Stan took a step forward, and bent down a bit to look the woman in the eye..."Now, we covered what I want I get for free, but what you want, you pay for. What's your poison?"

"I don't work for free and I don't pay up front," her voice was steady and sure. "No one owns me, I can always find another block..."Heroin." ...she turned to walk away.

For reasons of either generosity or manipulation, Stan offered Violette a small bag of heroin.
"I think you might be interested in my first-timer price." He smiled... she was no first timer "Free."

In order to avoid an awkward night with a potential serial killer, Violette accepted the drugs and an offer of drinks from Stan.
He glanced up at the woman... "Let me buy you a drink." Violette looked back... the man at the bus stop still stared... like a serial killer or a cop... "I know a place where we can get some drinks... it's the new place, the one on second."

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