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Gwendolyn Ramos

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Name: Gwendolyn Marie Ramos
Nicknames: Wendy
Ethnicity: African-Australian
Sex: Female
Age: 11
Birthday: 18 September, 2000
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Health: Healthy, if not a little too healthy. She's full of energy all the time and hardly ever gets sick.
Discipline(s): She wants to learn all of it! Particularly likes to hang around Will, so she's most interested in cross country and endurance.
Horse(s): Khan


Build: Around 4feet tall, but still growing.
Hair: Dark brown
Facial Structure: Oval shaped
Piercings/Tattoos/Scars: None
Clothing: T-shirts and jeans.
Hygiene: Clean enough.


Intelligence: She's a quick learner, but only when she wants to learn. She doesn't do that well in school.
Languages: English
Communication Skills/Etiquette: She's a bit too loud and a bit too direct, but she means well.
Self-control: None whatsoever.
Flirting style/Relationship Skills: She's a little girl! Boys aren't serious. She does have a huge mega crush on Will.
Optimist or Pessimist/Introvert or extrovert: Optimist, but more based on blind faith than reason. She's an extrovert, and isn't afraid of talking to people or asking for what she wants.
Self-Confidence: Very self-confident, and she's the type to try and try again until she gets something right.
Dominant/Submissive/Patience level: Though her personality seems quite dominant, Wendy is still a girl, and she is mostly submissive when speaking to people older than her. She doesn't have much patience.
Sense of humor: 11 year-old.
Vulnerabilities: She doesn't like it when other people start fighting. Conflict of any sort really makes Wendy upset, she is a very nonviolent person, and wants everyone to get along.
Biggest Fear: The dark/spiders/somethinglikethat.
Greatest regret: Forgetting her mum's birthday last year.
Greatest accomplishment: Learning to jump. (on a horse, lol)
Darkest secret: She did steal the cookies from the cookie jar!


Family: Hera Ramos (mother)
History: Meeeep.

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