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Leander Edgin

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1Leander Edgin Empty Leander Edgin on Wed 25 Jul - 19:49

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26 ‡ male ‡ writer/literary scholar ‡ upper class

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    ethnicity;; Caucasian-British
    appearance;; Leander has a jockey build, relatively small and thin. He has quite a delicate frame, a small waist and hips, but a pretty nice butt as far as butts go. Leander is a bit feminine in his movements as well as his looks. He has very fair skin and a light blonde, almost-white hair color. His eyes are a bright baby blue, always wide open and happy.
    His style is elegant and formal, with a Victorian twist. He loves neckties and pocket watches, boots, and vests. He sometimes wears glasses for reading, or just to look important. He keeps his hair cut around ear-length, and pin-straight.

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    personality;; Leanderp is an interesting character, with a pretty unique way of looking at life. He was raised in a wealthy upper class home, but didn't adopt any snobbish, pretentious "rich" qualities. Sure, he's materialistic, but doesn't think of himself as better than anyone else because he has nice things. Despite this, people tend to judge Leander before getting to know him. He can host dinner parties and make small talk, but has always had a hard time making real friends. He is a very intellectual man, and loves reading, writing, and philosophy. When he isn't at the stables tying ribbons in Celandine's mane, he can be found curled up with a glass of wine and a good book.
    - can make small talk for hours
    - optimistic personality
    - great taste
    - too excitable
    - hopeless romantic
    - he can appear very pretentious
    - people
    - fine wine
    - books
    - fancy things
    - people who treat him like a child
    - people who judge him
    - not amounting to anything
    - not finishing his book
    - never finding anybody to love
    - finish his book
    - he is gay, but, doesn't really realize/admit it to himself.

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    family;; Rich mother and father, only child.
    marital status;; Single his whole life (forever alooone)
    history;; He was around horses for most of his life. Grew up well in a wealthy household, went to Uni at a young age, graduated top of his class, without making very many friends. Around the time he graduated, a famous show horse that his dad co-owned had twins, so Leander adopted the runty one, Celandine. This also gave him reason to move away from his parents to find a place near a stable.

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Disciplines;; Dressage, Show jumping, a bit of Cross Country
Horses;; Little Miss Celandine (foal)

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