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Stanley Barr

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Stanley Michael Barr
"It's my war."

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where you lived when we were school kids
full name;; Stanley Michael Barr
nicknames;; Stan, only a few people know him as Michael, and only his mother calls him Stanley.
gender;; Male
age;; 21 years. September 1, 1991
sexual orientation;; Straight
occupation;; Unemployed

And I am falling down, fools in a spiral, 'round this town of steam
play by;; Vinnie Woolston
ethnicity;; White; half Jewish
appearance;; Stanley is tall and rather skinny, standing at about 6'2. He's got a cocky attitude about him, always leaning against things he shouldn't, always kicking his feet up where they don't belong. He doesn't try to act the way he does, it's simply something he picked up from his past. Around people he respects and admires, he will sometimes try to keep his mannerisms in check.
Stan's clothes are often covered in dirt and dust. He doesn't bother washing up or changing into nice things, mostly because he can't afford them. He wears lots of dark colors, and durable clothing like jackets and boots.
When it's visible, Stan's hair is dark blackish brown and usually has a greasy look to it. However, he keeps his hair either tied back or under a gray beanie. He has light blue eyes, high in contrast to the dark circles around them. His skin is pale and translucent-looking, allowing for harsh shadows to form on his slightly gaunt face in the brightest of light.

'cause I want more, 'cause I want more
personality;; Stan can be seen as a fun, streetwise, older-brother figure to some, or as useless as pond scum to others. He is what he is, and he's not changing for the likes of anyone. He has a rough disposition, but a childlike sense of adventure and curiosity. That, combined with an enthusiastic "lets try it and hope it doesn't kill us" attitude, makes him a natural leader, always the one to step up and take action. Even when his leadership fails, Stan has a way of smooth-talking himself out of most of the consequences. For this reason, he's the type of person you either hate or adore.
People who don't know Stanley might think of him as "the deadbeat, greasy haired kid with no direction in life". Well, that statement isn't entirely true, not the "no direction" part, anyway. Stan has a firm understanding of what he wants to accomplish in his life, he simply forgets most of the time. However, when someone mentions anything about the government or the media, etc. he does tend to remember, and generally starts spouting off everything that he believes is wrong with society. Unfortunately, most people don't consider the ramblings of a greasy-haired druggie to be very important.

- Strong belief in himself and his values
- Good at judging people and convincing others to do things for him
- Physically tolerant of a fair amount of pain

- Addictive personality
- Very little patience
- His demeanor scares some people away

- Loud music
- Playing guitar (when he can get his hands on one)
- Hardworking people
- Being heard, being known
- Taking advantage of "the system"
- Screwing over people who deserve it

- The government
- War in general
- Waiting for anything
- People telling him how to live his life
- People who are tight with their money

- Forgetting his dreams and wants
- Submitting to the drudgery of society
- Living as a pawn in someone else's game
- Going broke
- Facing his family again
- Hospitals and dying

- To be known and know people, important people
- To make a change in the world
- To prove himself to people who have shot him down
- To be worth something in his mom's eyes
- To live life feeling free

- He is dying; shared too many needles.

Want more
family;; Madeline Barr (mother), Gabriel Barr (younger brother)
marital status;; Single
history;; Stanley's mother and father weren't married when they had their first born. For Stan's father, this must have meant he was "off the hook" from supporting his family. The man was constantly gone during his first son's infancy, and managed to completely disappear after his second son was born. He had vanished, gone from all records, which left Stan's mother in distress, raising two young boys on her own.
As a child, Stanley was ornery, with a knack for getting into trouble. His mother was always working, and at odd hours each week, leaving Stan and his younger brother Gabriel alone in the old apartment they called home, sirens and gunshots lulling them to sleep each night. Stanley was, admittedly, not the best older brother. Most of their time together was spent out on the streets, daring one another to jump fences or break into abandoned houses. Stan began mixing with the wrong crowd, his younger brother following suit.
It was when the boys reached middle school that the stealing started. First, it was little things, a few dollars from their mothers purse for a bit of weed to smoke on the roof of their building. Later, it was heated spoons and screaming and shattered piggy-banks, white lines and counting coins with sweaty palms, never enough money, never enough of anything to satisfy his habit.
Stanley was seventeen years old and would disappear completely for days, even weeks at a time. He knew his way with people, understood how to manipulate them, how to judge them, and how to slip out of sticky situations. He was no longer just part of the wrong crowd, he was the leader, and a damn good one at that. The boy's interests changed. Previously, he had wanted to become a musician (he played the guitar well, and taught his younger brother all he knew) now he was determined to make a difference and take a stand against "the system".
All was going well, at least for Stan, until he one day woke up in the hospital, pale and sickly, his teeth chattering as his mother sat expressionless on the other end of the room. He had OD'ed, she told him. He was reckless, worthless, just like his father. He had gone too far, too far she said. And that was it, that's the last time Stan saw his mother.
Since then, Stan's lifestyle has continued. He has no contact with his family, aside from his younger brother, who he calls up or visits sometimes to ask for money or a place to sleep.

It's my war.

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