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1Gabe           Empty Gabe on Wed 27 Mar - 22:11

Gabriel Barr
aliases: Gabe
gender: Male
dob: 20 February

play by: Louis Garrel
sexuality: Straight
eye colour: Dark brown
hair colour: Dark brown, almost black.
distinguishing marks: Gabe doesn't have any piercings or tattoos, and the scars he does have aren't visible most of the time. He has a scar on his lower leg from trying to jump over a fence while on the run from some cops in his younger days. He also has a few scars on his lower left arm and various parts of his torso from a car crash in his teens.

Gabriel is skinny, slouchy, and clumsy, and not in the "cute" way. He walks with his hands in his pockets and his eyes to the floor. He is the person in the corner that no one really pays attention to. His breathing is shallow, his eyes dart back and forth, he twiddles his thumbs and he never looks quite comfortable, because he isn't, really, comfortable with looking comfortable. He isn't one to own anything "nice", not because he doesn't want to look nice, but because "nice" things are generally expensive. Gabriel doesn't have much of a personal style. His clothing choices mirror his want to blend in with the crowd. He doesn't like drawing attention to himself in the first place, and he certainly wouldn't do that with clothing.

Gabriel's face isn't quite as hard to look at as the rest of him. His skin is soft and clean, and certainly not as lifeless as his personality. He has a nice jawline and defined features. His nose is a bit bigger than most, but nothing like his older brother's. Gabe's eyes are big and dark brown, puppy eyes one might call them. Even when Gabriel's body is still, his eyes are alive and thinking.

What most people notice right away about Gabriel is his hair, and probably begin to wonder if it really is hair. Most days it looks like a crazy black mop decided to attack the kid's head. If he brushes it, it gets twice as thick as normal and frizzes out of control. If he leaves it wet after a shower, the curls hang in his face all day. Gabe has never gotten his hair to behave, and doesn't particularly try to anymore.

People don't find Gabriel annoying, but they aren't particularly fond of him either. It would be alright if the guy would just piss off and take his twitchy awkwardness off in some quiet corner, but that rarely ever happens. For being so quiet, Gabriel really doesn't seem to like being left by himself. He busies himself so much with work, but he never seems exactly passionate about anything. Most people rarely see Gabriel enthused at all, except maybe when they catch him after work strumming a few chords on his guitar.

In truth, the strangers who try to figure him out probably know more about Gabriel than he knows about himself. Ever since the fatal car accident in his teens, Gabe's mind has been consumed with guilt. Though he is convinced his own future is grim, and he is always down on himself, Gabe isn't exactly a pessimist. He raises everyone around him up on pedestals, and can always see the good in others. This mindset of almost hero-worshiping his peers provides Gabe with a sort of purpose or a hope in life - to do what he can so that others might succeed, since he, in his mind, is a lost cause anyway. Gabriel is a deeply loyal friend and an honest person. He hates to disappoint anyone, even people he doesn't know. He has an average sense of humor, but doesn't like to laugh at other people's pain or failures.

Family members: Madeline Barr (mother), Stanley Barr (older brother)
pets: None
In his childhood, Gabe was quite the rebel. He and his older brother Stan were city kids in their hometown, always getting into trouble. It was only when their father left that things started to turn more serious. Gabriel was still too young to really be affected by the sudden disappearance, but his older brother took it badly. With their mother having to work now all though the night and half of the day, there was nothing stopping Stan from getting into drugs, violence, stealing, etc., his younger brother following suit.

During his early teenage years, Gabriel and his brother were high on life. Staying out all night and skipping school the next day became a frequent endeavor, especially with the help Stan's older friends. They formed a pack of misfits, and among that pack was a miss Ellie Larkin, who grew especially close to Gabe. The reckless, carefree way of life had to come to an end soon, and as it turns out, screeched to a sudden stop one winter evening when Gabe was 16. His older brother had OD'ed on heroin and was rushed to the hospital. While Stan just shrugged off the incident as "no big deal", Gabriel took it to heart. He realized he didn't want to be like his older brother at all, though he had been a role model for so long. He stopped hanging out with his brother's crowd and didn't touch so much as a cigarette. This didn't win him very many friends, of course, except for Ellie, who had also been shaken by how close they had come to losing their friend.

With Stan out on his own now, and disappearing for weeks at a time without notice, it was rough for his mother. Gabriel and Ellie, who spent most of their time together, would always offer to help, but she would refuse. She insisted on Gabe going to school and getting good grades, but as much as he wanted to please his mother, Gabe would rather spend time with Ellie than do anything else. They were reckless dreamers, their fantasies and speculations together floating them higher than any drug. The high ended with Ellie's sudden death on a rainy night around Gabriel's 17th birthday. He was driving Ellie towards the ocean. "How many people live so close to it but never visit?" she had said, and insisted she would not be one of those people.

Gabriel's attitude changed for the worse without Ellie. He barely slept, couldn't eat, and spent hours locked away in his room. He started smoking cigarettes again, a habit that Ellie had never kicked. His mannerisms became rigid and nervous. He could not keep his hands still, or his eyes from flickering to the floor. He busied himself with anything he could get his hands on, including schoolwork, which is why his grades improved so dramatically his last two years of highschool, earning him the a scholarship, but blah blah I'll barely ever play him as an adult anyway.

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